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Your First Choice for Veterinary Specialty Medicine

Your First Choice for Veterinary Specialty Medicine


Our Promise

Compassion: We will provide compassionate state-of-the-art medical services for your pet. Our doctors are at the cutting edge of their respective specialties.
Confidence: We promise to provide the same services and recommendations that we would for the four-legged members of our own families. Rest assured that we will also provide all alternative options so that you can find a solution that is the best fit for you and your family.
Communication: We will regularly communicate with you and your family veterinarian to provide the best comprehensive team approach for your pet.

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"To Dr. Rodriguez and his team: you are nothing short of amazing. You are compassionate, practical, articulate, and aggressive in finding solutions. If it wasn't for you, Sophie wouldn't be here today. When we arrived at the office in May 2015, I had already spent over $3,000 trying to find out why my poor ragdoll kitty wasn't eating. She was wasting away and she was literally on death's door. Sophie was suffering from Histoplasmosis, which while rare here in Central PA, is not rare in the Midwest, where Dr. Rodriguez had practiced for some time. With his quick thinking and accurate diagnosis, we started a treatment plan right away. After many office visits and A LOT of medication and hand feeding, she overcame the ailment. On the heels of that crisis came the diagnosis of Small Cell Lymphoma. Again, he and his team were compassionate and aggressive in helping us figure out a game plan to give Sophie the best chance at a good, quality life even though this time there wasn't a cure. I'm delighted to report that she is still with us, sassy as ever and still our "Sophie Girl." To say that I am impressed and have a tremendous amount of respect for his talent as an exceptional veterinarian would be an understatement. I'll never be able to thank him enough for giving me the last three years with my "Baby." He's not only an amazing doctor, he's just one heck of a nice guy! Many MANY thanks for keeping my sassy girl going strong!"

Sandra Troccoli

"I have been very impressed with the care and attention afforded to my patients by Dr. Sarah Dowling, Dr. Rodriguez, and their team at Lancaster Veterinary Specialties. They are the best at communicating with referring veterinarians and following up, allowing a full team approach to patient care. We're lucky to have them in our region for advanced care!"

Dr. Melissa McFarland, referring veterinarian

"Drs. Dowling and Rodriguez are professional, compassionate and wonderful to work with. Their nurses are caring and knowledgeable. Our clients appreciate the dedication, knowledge and service the internal medicine team provides for their pets. As a referring veterinarian, I value the quick communication between their team and ours, the high quality medicine, diagnostics and treatment they provide my clients in Lancaster County."

Dr. Nicole Blithe, referring veterinarian

"Dr. Rodriguez has provided medical care for my pets since 2010. I have 100% confidence in him and highly recommend Lancaster Veterinary Specialties. Dr. Rodriguez and staff have extensive clinical knowledge and provide excellent care for pets. He always has the utmost concern for my pets including their geriatric health issues and treatment options."

Shari Farrell

"I never hesitate to refer patients, including my own pets, to the internal medicine team. They are dedicated to providing excellent patient care, and a synopsis of the visit, diagnosis and treatment plan is always provided to me in a timely manner. My clients and pets love them!"

Dr. Emily Spingler, referring veterinarian

"Not only were Dr. Rodriguez and Dr. Dowling incredible doctors to work for, they were also extraordinarily kind and caring to all three of my kitties; Simon, Oliver, and Remington. I will always be grateful for their knowledge and compassion during my times of concern. They continuously took the time to answer my questions. Though I no longer work with them, I am so appreciative for the impact they have had on the lives of my four-legged babies and me."

Megan Brubaker

"I am thrilled to hear of the opening of Lancaster Veterinary Specialties. I am a local Veterinarian, who has had the pleasure of referring internal medicine cases over the years to Dr. Rodriguez, Dr. Dowling, and Dr. Krecic. Without a doubt, whenever I have a challenging or advanced case, I am always comfortable to send my clients and their pets to see them. Their knowledge and care is top-notch and I always greatly appreciated their communication with our clients and me. I always receive positive feedback from clients who have taken their pets to see them. I consider myself very fortunate to have such a wonderful team so close by and look forward to continued partnership."

Dr. Tracy Venier, referring veterinarian